This Is What Happens In Our Brain When We Die

This is the great mystery of life! What happens when we die? What does the dying process look like? Is there a consciousness that remains when the heart stops beating? Are we aware of leaving this mortal world? Many questions that continue to plague scientists. A study by Charité-Universiätsmedizin in Berlin and the University of Cincinnati in the United States carried out in 2018 shared amazing results. Of 9 patients dying from a stroke, researchers found that one brain activity was still present until almost five minutes after the cardiac arrest. When the heart stops and blood circulation ceases, the brain deprived of oxygen is on the verge of death. However, some activities have caught the attention of scientists and may well surprise you.

Another one study published at the beginning of 2022 in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience corroborated these findings. So the brain can stay active during and even after the moment of death. Doctors were performing continuous electroencephalography on a patient who had developed epilepsy when he suffered a heart attack and died in the process. This allowed them to map the activity of the human brain at the time of death. They then discovered rhythms of activity similar to those of the recovery of (…)


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