This new Google Maps feature will save you fuel

An option that will relieve your wallet… And the planet. Google Maps is turning to more responsible driving alternatives and today releases a major novelty in 40 European countries. The principle: when you select a destination to reach by car, in addition to the fastest or safest routes, the application will also suggest a more ecological route. In short, which will consume less fuel than a classic trip.

The news was announced this Wednesday, September 7 in a blog post titled More ways to drive sustainably and save money with Google Maps. It includes a demo which, by simulating a journey between the Irish cities of Athlone and Limerick, shows how to activate the option.

When searching for the route, one needs to go to “Route option”, then tick “Prefer fuel-efficient routes when arrival times are the same.” Below, a drop-down menu allows you to indicate which fuel the vehicle in question uses to drive: petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid. A second road then appears, accompanied by a small tree leaf symbol. “Save 26% fuel by driving 9 minutes longer”advances the application.

But on what criteria is such a calculation based? Terrain, traffic and speeds, says Google Maps. In the case of the Athlone-Limerick trip, the second route is less fuel-intensive as it is less hilly, less crowded and limited to the same speed all the way.

Of course, it all depends on the selected fuel: “Diesel engines are generally more efficient at high speeds than petrol or gas, while hybrid and electric vehicles perform better in traffic jams.”can we read.

This functionality had already been launched across the Atlantic, in Canada and the United States, then more recently in Germany. It would have contributed to the reduction of more than half a million tons of carbon emissions… Which amounts to having taken 100,000 gasoline-powered cars off the road.

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