this technology imposed but so immature!

Formerly reserved for high-end cars, lane keeping assistance is now found on board city cars. However, it does not always produce the desired effect, far from it!

Among the slew of driving aids with which our cars are now equipped, the lane-keeping aids are certainly the least effective. Problem, they are also those which cannot be cut! In fact, every time I get into a test car, I stick to the same well-established ritual each time: adjusting the steering wheel, high enough and close to me, adjusting the seat down – each to their own taste – then the mirrors. And, for quite some time, before putting on my seatbelt, deactivating that damn lane keeping assistant… I obviously take care to do it after having checked its operation while driving, so as to comment on it in the test report, but I note in almost all cases that this “help” to the driving gets on my nerves very quickly after the start.

Notably because the steering wheel she suddenly takes surprises me when I was not particularly close to the limits of the lane concerned. While driving on the main axes of Ile-de-France, staying in line can even have the opposite effect. From the left lane, without knowing that I am voluntarily shifting towards the central reservation, he may in fact judge that I am too close to it and send me violently to the right, where the 2-wheelers which I wish on the contrary to do space! Absurd and super dangerous.

Thank you for giving us the choice!

What irritates me the most, beyond the immaturity of this technology, is that this damned function is reactivated each time the cars are restarted. Like I’m not old enough to decide for myself what driver aids I need to drive safely. Years ago, when the revolutionary ABS arrived, then ESP anti-skid, the progress was so obvious that no one discussed their interest and these equipment ended up being compulsory. And that’s good ! But today, some features that are imposed on us – and made to pay for – are far from flawless. Despite testing more than a hundred models a year, I have hardly encountered any relevant “driver attention alert” or cruise control that locks in on speed limits without bugging at one time or another. other. Technology is beautiful… when it works in real life!

Published on 09/20/2022 Updated 09/20/2022

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