this technology will make it possible to sublimate your old games

Yesterday at the Nvidia conference we were able to discover in addition to new graphics cards of new technologies like RTX Remix.

We were able during the Nvidia conference to discover of course the new graphics cards from the manufacturer Ada Lovelace but also version 3 of the DLSS. But that’s not all, since we were also able to get a glimpse of a certain RTX Remix. A technology that should make it possible to remaster old games to sublimate them. The most glaring example is that of Morrowind with the video above.

Morrowind looks better than ever thanks to Nvidia

The example of Morrowind

RTX Remix is ​​therefore a free modding platform that allows you to quickly create RTX mods for “classic games” such as Portal and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It seems like the easiest way to capture and edit content that takes advantage of all the goodness of the Nvidia RTX. The software allows you to import game assets into the RTX Remix at the push of a button (in supported games) and this automatically converts the assets to USD (Universal Scene Description), making it easier to make everything compatible with ray tracing.

RTX Remix mods can easily be exported and shared with other gamers online. All mods will take advantage of Nvidia’s Reflex technology and the upcoming DLSS 3 technology. The AI ​​will thus be able to allow your GPU to generate entire frames independently and therefore improve the overall rendering. We do not stop progress.

Nvidia also claims that the RTX Remix will work with existing game mods from popular modding sites like Nexus Mods, enhancing that content as well.

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