“Three quarters of cryptocurrencies will disappear”

“Theoretically, bitcoin could drop to zero. But this probability is very low, ”said Julien Maldonato. 284945001/LLUIS – stock.adobe.com

MAINTENANCE – For Julien Maldonato, partner at Deloitte, in charge of the financial industry, it is very unlikely that bitcoin will fall to zero.

LE FIGARO. – Bitcoin has already lost 57% of its value since the 1er January, reaching $20,550. Is the fall here to stay?

Julien MALDONATO. – It is difficult to make predictions about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that alternate up cycles and down cycles. However, the uncertainties linked to economic growth should continue to weigh on these assets. With galloping inflation, many households will certainly have to dip into their savings to make ends meet. They will therefore have less money to invest in cryptocurrencies. Institutional investors also have less appetite for risky assets. In this context, it is possible that the price of bitcoin will remain bearish throughout the year 2022. It could fall to 15,000, 10,000 dollars, or even less before regaining color, at best in 2023.

Can cryptos drop to zero?

When the market goes up, everyone has fun, like…

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