Tiger mosquito: a worrying mutant species totally resistant to insecticides detected in France, experts give the alert

This new species resistant to insecticides has been spotted in Perpignan.

specimens of insecticide resistant tiger mosquito have been detected in several European countries. A spread that worries experts. Those are scientists from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and the new University of Lisbon who published the results of their research in the journal Parasites & Vectors.

These specimens have been known to scientists for some years. They carry a specific mutation which makes them less vulnerable. It is a mutation of theallele 1016G. In Europe, the mutation of this allele had only been observed in Italy.

The researchers thus tried to find out theextent of spread of this new species and therefore carried out a genetic analysis of 2,530 tiger mosquitoes located at 69 sites in 19 European countries.

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Detected in Perpignan

And the results indicate that these mutant mosquitoes are widespread across the continent. They were detected in nine of the countries studied: Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Georgia. More specifically in France, the new species of tiger mosquito was detected in Perpignanaround the Mediterranean (Montpellier, Nice), Saint-Martin-d’Hères (near Grenoble) and Strasbourg.

The scientifically named tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus , originated in Southeast Asia and spread around the world in less than 40 years. This insect transmits diseases such as zikathe dengue fever and the chikungunya.

In the Eastern Pyreneesit was first detected in 2012 on the motorway service area of ​​the Catalan village and spread then on several dozen municipalities. Its presence has already caused cases of dengue fever.

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