TikTok, Facebook and Instagram track their users

TikTok, Instagram or even Facebook collect passwords, payment card codes and other sensitive data via a simple computer code, announces the independent researcher and former engineer at Google Felix Krause.

These applications, among the most downloaded in the world, would use, according to Felix Krause, a pixel which is a computer code usually used by digital platforms, including the social networks of the Meta group, in order to know the preferences of their users.

However, this “tracking” not only makes it possible to record all of the user’s searches, but also passwords, payment card codes and other personal information. After denouncing these practices at the Meta group, the engineer looks into the case of the Chinese social network TikTok, accusing it of recording all activities via actions performed on the keyboard. Thus, the actions of purchase via the stores of these applications, the actions “like”, the shares of publications and other actions are memorized with each use, again calling into question the protection of privacy on the networks- social.

“The fact that an application injects code into external websites does not mean that it engages in malicious practices. There is no way for us to know the full details of these collections, or how the data is transferred and used. This publication is simply intended to show how this process works, and to detail the effects it could have, “said the engineer via a tweet.


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