Tire Manufacturer of the Year: Continental crowned!

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Continental received the “Tire Manufacturer of the Year” award from the international trade magazine, Tire Technology International (TTI). The selection criteria focused on innovations aimed at improving product safety and durability. The awards were decided by an international jury made up of more than 20 leading tire industry journalists and experts.

This is the third time that Continental has won this prestigious award, which demonstrates its ability to innovate in terms of cutting-edge technology, whose safety and durability form the core of its R&D investments.

As such, one of the group’s latest technological innovations, ContiRe.Tex, used in certain tyres, has been specially developed for greater durability and production was launched in just a few months.

This technology makes it possible to completely replace the conventional polyester yarn in the tire carcass with a recycled yarn obtained from reprocessed PET bottles. This technology is much more efficient than other standard methods of converting PET bottles into high performance polyester yarns. The bottles used for this technology come exclusively from regions that do not have a closed recycling circuit.

With ContiRe.Tex technology, Continental is taking another step towards becoming the most progressive tire manufacturer in terms of environmental and social responsibility. The second generation Extreme E tyres, the Conti GreenConcept tire also complete this particularly innovative product portfolio in terms of sustainable mobility.

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