To avoid memory loss, eat salmon once a week

According to a recent study, eating one serving of salmon a week would prevent memory loss. Now you know what you have to do.

If you want to guard against memory loss, look no further. According to the conclusions of a recent study, published in the journal Neurology and relayed by the Daily mail, it would be enough to eat a portion of salmon per week to avoid this type of inconvenience, which is very disabling in daily life.

To reach this conclusion, the scientists analyzed data from nearly 2,200 Americans, mostly in their 40s and 50s. In particular, they measured their level of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood, nutrients that come mainly from the consumption of fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines.

The results were final. The higher the participants’ level of omega-3s, the better they performed on a test of complex reasoning, related to the ability to solve problems in real life. These people, who were likely to have eaten at least one serving of fatty fish per week, also had a larger hippocampus, the region of the brain linked to memory.

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Strengthen thinking skills

Concretely, this larger hippocampus is likely to ward off dementia. Participants who have one have more brain cells to lose as they age before experiencing memory loss.

“Eating fish could help your brain age healthier and protect against dementia,” explained Dr. Claudia Satizabal, who led the study, while adding that this habit would also help young and healthy people to strengthen their thinking skills.

For its part, ANSES has defined several recommendations for taking advantage of the benefits of fish while limiting the risks of overexposure to certain contaminants. In particular, the organization recommends eating fish twice a week by combining oily fish with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring) with another fish (pollock, hake, cod, sole, etc.) . He also advises to vary the species and the places of supply.

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