Tomorrow Theory, science and technology at the service of HR innovation

The agency specializes in the major current and future challenges facing HR professionals: the adaptability of employees, the attraction and retention of talent, the digitalization of processes and CSR.

With its ability to anticipate, Tomorrow Theory is embarking on the very technical subject of Web 3 and its attributes such as NFTs, blockchain, metaverses or even AI… These terms that have been punctuating technological news for some time are misunderstood even unknown to the general public. However, they justify significant digital advances and constitute a new wave of digitalization of HR uses and management.

In this area, the real technological wave that is coming is not yet well perceived by its players. “The gap is rapidly widening between organizations capable of grasping technological challenges and those who are not. In a context of talent wars, the uses of web 3 make it possible to offer an approach to work and collaboration that is more in line with new expectations.” explains Jérémy Lamri, CEO of Tomorrow Theory and ex-Director of Innovation of JobTeaser, the HR Tech nugget of the French Tech 120.

Among its references, the HR innovation agency already has big names such as LVMH, Chanel, Mazars, Mastercard and BNP Paribas. The use cases related to web 3 HR are innovative: private blockchain for payslips, NFT for skills certification, decentralized recruitment experience, immersive inspiration in VR, pedagogical engineering 3.0, etc.

The managers of the startup specify that web 3 HR is one of the three pillars of their expertise, along with soft skills and change management. Thus, other missions punctuate their daily lives, such as pedagogical engineering of soft skills, assistance in choosing skills management solutions, support for change management, and even the recruitment of web 3 or soft skills.

Boris Sirbey, Public Affairs Director of Tomorrow Theory, and also co-founder of the HR Lab, adds: “Whether to attract, develop, inspire and retain talent, organizations need to understand the new world, and adapt to it. To calmly manage organizations in this context, science and technology represent the pillars of effective and responsible HR innovation. Web 3, used responsibly, is a major asset.”

Beyond productivity gains, the agency campaigns for responsible and ethical innovations, and does not hesitate to highlight the necessary improvements in certain aspects of web 3, pushing for increased consideration of social and ecological issues. In his book to be published at the end of October 2022 and entitled Metavers & HRJérémy Lamri also dedicates a large part of the book to societal issues related to web 3.

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