Toulousain Donecle acquires Dronetix Technology

Matthew Claybrough, managing director and co-founder of Donecle, which manufactures drones for inspecting aircraft, has just completed the acquisition of Dronetix Technology. Dronetix is ​​a French company that has been developing an autonomous inspection drone for aircraft components since 2018. The technology developed by Dronetix enables automatic data acquisition and 3D reconstruction of a digital twin of aircraft engines, for example, or landing gears. Among the main customers is Safran, which has deployed a Dronetix drone at its Villaroche site for aircraft engine inspections.

Dronetix is ​​able to inspect the interior of engines.

With this acquisition, the Toulouse company founded in 2015 completes its spectrum of intervention which now covers the inspection of aircraft cells by its drones which detect any defect but also the components of the devices such as the engines. Thanks to this merger, the image databases and artificial intelligence technologies of the two companies will be merged to increase their performance. Dronetix is ​​now a subsidiary of Donecle.

“This is an important step in the growth of Donecle. The combination of the assets and know-how of the two companies will strengthen our offer while stimulating the development of our future capacities. Our objective remains unchanged: to provide solutions for reduce inspection costs, while improving traceability and safety” reacted Matthieu Claybrough. Donecle’s drone inspections make it possible to divide inspection times by airlines by ten, thus limiting the immobilization of the aircraft.

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