Toyota in the World Rally Championship: double victory with hybrid technology and e-fuels

For a while, it seemed like electric cars had become mainstream. Across the country, bigger and bigger batteries were rolling off production lines, and politicians wanted to chop the head off the combustion car as quickly as possible. But today, the change is bogged down. There is a lack of charging stations, semiconductors – and since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, electricity is increasingly expensive. But the new electric world isn’t pretty either. So what should the ideal engine of the future look like?

The battle of concepts has long won the world of rallying. Piston engines are considered reliable and powerful, but they are losing ground due to climatic reasons. Electric vehicles surprise with their performance, but require great efforts in terms of safety and wiring. Perhaps that’s why the 2022 World Cup chose a middle course: Hybrid technology and a sustainable mix of electric fuel and biofuel.

The turbo engine with an output of around 380 hp is temporarily boosted by 100 kW of recovered braking energy. The system, which weighs nearly 90 kilos, has the dimensions of a petrol tank and is protected by a carbon shell, below in front of the rear axle. It allows you to travel about 15 kilometers in electric mode. That’s enough to drive all-electric in a maintenance yard or at critical points on connecting roads.

Wolfgang Plank

The three manufacturers currently present in the world championship have a small problem: the electric motor/generator unit is identical for all and comes from Compact Dynamics, the Schaeffler subsidiary in Starnberg which also supplies Formula 1. Their knowledge in terms of thermal management, current flow and maximum power are…

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