Tunisian tech experts invited to learn about IT careers in Dubai

Tunisian IT experts with the required skills need look no further than the Emirates Group to advance their careers. The group includes Emirates – which is the largest international airline in the world -, and Dnata – one of the world’s leading providers of air and travel services.

The group will launch its recruitment campaign in Tunis with an information session – by invitation only on November 15, 2022. To be shortlisted for the session and meet the group’s IT specialist and recruitment teams, technology specialists can click here

Over the next few months, the group is looking to recruit more than 800 IT experts for a selection of positions in the following areas: software engineering, DevOps, hybrid cloud, Agile delivery, technical product management, digital workplace, cybersecurity, IT architecture, innovation and service management.

Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates, said: “Dubai ranks among the top 10 cities in the world where technology experts aspire to work on initiatives and the development of future applications. As a global airline, we seek to continually improve our products and the efficiency of our operations, and we invest in the future to take advantage of technological developments and improve the skills of our employees. We are eager to attract talent to be part of our IT staff. We have an array of exciting and challenging technology and innovation projects in the works, some of which will shape many of our day-to-day processes and activities. We know they will form the bedrock of dream careers for tech savvy people.”


In general, the group’s IT team works on top tier projects across B2C, B2B, support functions and operations for over 40 brands and companies in Dubai and globally.

The team effectively designs, develops and maintains software and systems that really help manage operations, increase revenue, streamline costs, optimize business and people efficiency, and internal engagement. Recent projects carried out by the IT team include the launch of the sale of the Emirates Premium Economy product, the optimization of catering using artificial intelligence models, the integration of biometrics for the self-service check-in and bag drop, as well as Dnata’s cargo and asset management systems.

Employees in the Tech division have tremendous opportunities to introduce advanced technologies and the latest applications into airline operations, embark on the development of flexible and user-friendly customer interfaces, use in-depth data analysis and implement machine learning and robotics in partnership with industry leaders.

Tools and technologies

Some of the advanced tools, technologies and models available to the IT team include cloud services, microservices, API management, event streaming, robotics, DevOps, biometrics including facial recognition, web development and native mobile development, as well as modern programming languages ​​including ReactJS, full stack Java, .NET and Python.

Training and development

The training includes in-depth courses on a multitude of tools, technologies, technical topics and the Agile method, which contribute to the improvement of skills and the development of soft skills. She also includes e-learning and supports women in technology. These trainings are complemented by knowledge sharing sessions, technical conferences, hackathons, codefests and bootcamps.

Tech employees can also be part of an active and strong community of coders, an IT engagement hub, a tech academy, a cybersecurity forum, and even a forum on the practice of data science.

The Emirates Group

The Emirates Group enjoys an excellent reputation as a pioneer of innovation in its products and services. The group is invested in Intelak and Aviation X-Lab – high-level programs for start-ups – and in the development of software and hardware for critical operational sectors, robotics, establishing its presence in the Metaverse and other Web 3.0 technologies.

Emirates offers competitive salary and allowances, profit sharing eligibility, excellent medical and life insurance, preferential cargo, annual leave and immediate family tickets, as well as airline tickets. deeply discounted aircraft for dependents, extended family and friends to travel to the 130 destinations in the Emirates network. The Emirates Platinum card offers employees a series of privileges and discounts at thousands of outlets, including clubs, clinics, educational institutions, retail and hospitality establishments in the UAE and in the whole world.

Tunisian technology experts who want to give a new impetus to their career can consult all the available positions and apply here.

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