Saint-Louis, June 10 (APS) – The Gaston-Berger University (UGB) of Saint-Louis, hosts this Friday, the launching ceremony of the laboratory “Media, technologies, information, communication and society” called Lab-MéTICS) , announces a press release received at the APS.

The Lab-MéTICS “aims to be a multidisciplinary research laboratory on the media, digital technologies, information and communication in their relationship with contemporary societies”, specifies the same source, adding that it is attached to the UFR CRAC and the doctoral school of human and social sciences (SHS) of UGB.

The press release indicates that this laboratory targets, among other disciplines, Information and Communication Sciences (SIC), Computer Graphics or Graphic Arts and Sociology of Media and Communication.

The Philosophy of Communication, Information and Communication Law or Regulatory Law are among the disciplines targeted by the Lab-MéTICS directed by Professor Mor Faye.

“This multidisciplinary orientation, allowing the laboratory to compare views on the phenomena of information and communication according to perspectives as varied as they are complementary, constitutes a very fruitful heuristic challenge in terms of the production of knowledge and the dynamics of innovative research, in the eyes of initiators of the laboratory”, we read in the press release.

Its missions are: the development of fundamental and applied research, and development research, the supervision and training in research of doctoral students and students in the second year of the master’s degree, the scientific support of teacher-researchers and researchers, etc.

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