Ukraine-Russia War: The United States exposes a sophisticated illegal network to evade sanctions and send military technology and oil to Russia.

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The US Department of Justice has indicted five Russian nationals and two Venezuelan oil traders in the Eastern District of New York for their alleged involvement in a global sanctions busting and money laundering ring.

“The defendants were criminal enablers for the oligarchs, orchestrating a complex scheme to illegally obtain U.S. military technology and Venezuelan oil sanctioned by myriad transactions involving shell companies and cryptocurrencies,” U.S. Attorney Breon said. Peace.

“Their efforts have undermined security, economic stability and the rule of law around the world,” he added.

The accused

According to the indictment unveiled on Wednesday, the Russian nationals who were captured in different cities in Europe are: Yury Orekhov, 42; Artem Uss, 40; Svetlana Kuzurgasheva aka Lana Neumann, 32; Timofey Telegin, 39; and Sergey Tulyakov, 52.

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