Ukraine To Receive Slovenian Tanks Upgraded Using Israeli Tech

These vehicles were built in the 1960s by the Soviet Union

Israeli technology is set to play a significant role in Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion for the first time with the arrival of 28 M-55S tanks from Slovenia which include an upgrade from Elbit Systems, a international defense company based in Israel.

Slovenia announced it would transfer the tanks to Ukraine as part of an arms swap with Germany earlier this week. These vehicles were built in the 1960s by the Soviet Union and were refined in the 1990s by Elbit.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced that Slovenia would send the tanks to Ukraine and in return would receive 40 German military trucks.

Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February, Israel’s Defense Ministry blocked the country’s military industries from selling heavy weapons to Ukraine to avoid alienating Russia. an important factor for Israel’s security in the Middle East.

Uzi Rubin, former director of the Israel Defense Ministry’s Missile Defense Organization, said that in general, foreign countries that purchase Israeli defense systems and armaments are required to obtain permission from the Israeli ministry. of Defense before selling or transferring to third parties the equipment purchased in Israel.

Dr. Eyal Pinko, a retired Israeli navy commander and expert in intelligence, cybersecurity and national security, told The Media Line that much depended on the contract that Israel and Slovenia signed when upgrading Elbit in the 1990s.

If it turns out that Slovenia is in fact violating this agreement, Pinko said, “that’s a big deal and Israel can go to the international court.” However, he does not believe that will be the case, even if the agreement has been breached.

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