Ultra-fast charging thanks to NASA?

Today, the most powerful CCS chargers can reach power peaks of around 400 kW. Enough to charge an electric car in about ten minutes. Not bad ! Except that we could go even faster… But we would have to better manage enemy number 1: the heat.

Straight from space!

Precisely, in order to better control the temperature of the components it sends into space, NASA has funded a team from Purdue University supported to develop a technology called FBCE. The least we can say is that its operation is complex, but if you want to know everything about it, it happens here. Be aware, however, that the use of this technology has recently been considered on fast terminals for electric cars. And the first estimates are promising!

Only a few minutes

Theoretically, this technology would remove up to 24.22 kW of heat. Enough to provide a current of up to 2,400 amps! That is a level of charge equivalent to that found in the “Megawatt Charging System” currently under development and reserved for heavy goods vehicles. Enough to fill up with ions in just a few minutes! All that remains now is to test this technology in real conditions and successfully market it…

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