Unexplained deaths in a hospital in the Vosges: what is this crazy rumor that puts the anti-Covid vaccines in question?

Publications on social networks claim that France is experiencing an increase in “unexplained cardiac arrests”. These are based on the testimony of a young woman who suddenly lost her mother in a hospital in the Vosges in 2018. We unravel the true from the false.

Recall that at the end of December Charlotte Zanin, daughter of a patient who died in 2018 at the hospital of Remiremont in the Vosges after a cardiac arrest, testified at the microphone of BFM TV last on 28.12. She stated that she wanted to file a “manslaughter” complaint against the hospital. Since then, his statement has been echoed by several netizens who claim to be seeing an “explosion” in the number of cardiac arrests in French hospitals due to the anti-Covid vaccination.

The story of Charlotte Zanin exploited

The latter base their statements on the testimony of Charlotte Zanin and claim to know the cause of her mother’s death: “Unfortunately, I think that everyone knows where it comes from … These experimental vaccines,” we can read in a statement published on December 31 and more than 45,000 views.

If in the 1 minute and 23 second clip here we actually hear Charlotte telling that her mother’s death was unexpected, it’s longer in the original 12/28/2022 video which actually lasts 16 minutes and 15 seconds, his story is different, notice TF1 info.

Daughter whose mother died of cardiac arrest in the hospital: “All people die of cardiac arrest, we don’t even know where it comes from, what is it from” Unfortunately, I think everyone knows where it comes from… These experimental “vaccines ” In her opinion? pic.twitter.com/jHLK3fO0k3

— Live Healthy (@VSainement) December 31, 2022

She witnessed, like three other people, the sudden death of one of her relatives in the same hospital, that of Remiremont in the Vosges. But these deaths cannot, in truth, be linked to vaccines against the coronavirus because, as our colleagues from TF1, they took place before the vaccination campaign. And for some, like Charlotte’s mother, even before the start of the Covid pandemic.

In fact, of the four manslaughter charges filed against the facility, two were filed before December 2020, the date of the first injection in France.

Also, contrary to what some conspiracy theorists claim, the case was actually made public and not silenced as they claim. Indeed, Midi Libre transmitted the testimony of Charlotte Zanin of December 29, as well as the fifth complaint against the Vosges Hospital Center, summarizing the case.

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In summary, the excerpt forwarded was deliberately shortened in order to mislead Internet users.

Do Vaccines Really Cause Heart Attacks?

According to data released by the National Security and Medicines Agency on December 27, 2022, there has never been a question of sudden cardiac arrest being listed as a side effect of vaccines. On the other hand, it is true that Pfizer and Moderna can cause myocarditis.

Since vaccination began, 123,656 cases of side effects have been reported for Pfizer. Most side effects are expected and not serious, the ANSM notes.

Moderna has had 32,722 cases of side effects reported since vaccination began. Most side effects are also expected and not serious.

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