Virteem celebrates its 10th anniversary

Virteem (Sophia Antipolis) is a self-funded Scale Up, member of the Scale Up Club French Tech Côte d’Azur, is a Saas software publisher for virtual tours, Virtual Reality and metaverse.

With an annual growth of 100%, Virteem has more than 3,500 customers, including more than a hundred prestigious companies, who have chosen Virteem to accelerate in Web 3.0.

Virteem designs customizable and contextualized virtual experience solutions.

It offers to digitize the premises of its customers to make it a communication and meeting tool. They can thus offer a new immersive experience to their employees and partners.

These experiences in the form of information points, interactive maps, calls to action, videos are revolutionizing access to information thanks to interaction and a more fluid and optimized navigation path.

In addition to being a visual support that allows magnify retention of information and to retain 80% of what the user sees, Virteem’s goal is that theuser no longer suffers from information but experiences it via a unique experience.

10 years for Virteem (formerly VIP 360° Group)

Founded in 2012 in Nice by Kevin Soler, former street workout world champion, Virteem (formerly Groupe VIP 360°) is a SaaS software publisher specializing in the metaverse. The company is present in the Top 500 ranking of Tech companies in France, Virteem has experienced strong growth since its creation.

Formerly known as Groupe VIP 360, the scale up takes the name Virteem in 2022 to affirm its expertise in immersive technologies. Virteem has set itself the goal of bringing companies closer to their customers and collaborators by creating places in 3D or based on reality.

A growing demand for virtualization

Virteem counts among its clients prestigious names such as Axa, Bayer, Legrand, Altran, Safran, PSA, Nokia or even the Ecole Polytechnique, Kedge Business School, Panthéon Sorbonne University or Deauville, Reims etc.

360° virtualization of places is applicable for all sectors of activity.

However, some sectors stand out for their strong demand. Thus, Virteem creates solutions for virtual tours, virtual fairs, virtual reality and metaverse, distributed according to 4 verticals:

  • The Human ressources with virtual platforms for onboarding new employees and recruiting.
  • The schools and the virtualization of events such as open days, remote campus visits and the presentation of training courses through an immersive space.
  • The industries with their challenges of internal communication and training for their employees.
  • The communities and their need to digitize their territories and infrastructures for the purpose of attractiveness.

Other areas are in development such as retail by creating a virtual showroom where the customer will have the possibility of accessing information on the products on display and the possibility of purchasing them.

Recently, tourism has taken an interest in the metaverse and its fields of application. Virteem has thus collaborated with Nord Caraïbes to help future tourists prepare for their stay by virtually visiting the sites until booking an activity. To do this, the solution relies on 360° shots to create an immersive journey with virtual views, divided into “aerial views” and “terrestrial views”.

The metaverse at the heart of Virteem’s strategy

Virteem makes this technology accessible to all structures, regardless of size. With its tailor-made digital solution, Virteem is based on a superposition of immersive technologies, thanks to the metaverse, the virtual visit, and virtual reality.

Hosted in SaaS mode, the place developed belongs to the customers and allows them to take control of the content by developing their own immersive virtual tour.

Virteem currently employs around twenty employees based in Sophia Antipolis, nearly 60 counting the seventeen agencies spread over France, DOM-TOM, Switzerland and Monaco.

To support its growth and continue to invest in R&D, Virteem is recruiting around ten talents to join its teams in Sophia Antipolis by the end of the year (unity3D integrator, sales representatives, Growth manager in particular).

For Kevin Soler, CEO and founder of Virteem : “ Ineluctably, the metaverse imposes itself as an immersive and effective communication tool. Its advent marks a break in the history of technologies as radical as the web of the 2000s. As an expert in immersive and collaborative technologies for 10 years, Virteem masters the challenges and problems of the virtual by creating a unique solution where physical and digital tend to merge to better serve its customers. We believe in more impactful 360° photo-based media that does not require VR headsets, to experience the metaverses we are developing.

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