Virtual immersion in lecture hall |

Endowed with a specific budget granted by the State, the University of Poitiers wants to develop the use of immersive training technologies. Internally, the PédagoLab supports motivated teachers.

Romain Mudrak

Last Friday, the University of Poitiers organized its first Forum of immersive technologies in the service of learning. The goal? Show teacher-researchers the full extent of EdTech sector know-how in this area. A dozen companies from the region attended, including Studio Nyx in Charente. ” We are already developing professional training tools for the industry, argues its founder Romain Soulie. I’m sure science teachers would be interested, we just need to understand their needs precisely.. Example: engineers call on Nyx to design sailboats. The studio is able to simulate all the physical forces that apply to the different elements of the boat. This experience could serve as a course support for students.

Pedagogical scenario

As in school, college and high school, the university is using virtual reality to increase student success. And, here again, the distance constraints generated by the Covid served as a trigger. By winning with its Dem’UP project the call for expressions of interest “digital demonstrator”, launched by the State as part of the Future Investment Plan (Pia 4), the university has secured a windfall of €5.7 million. Enough to acquire equipment, create your own tools or place orders with startups in the sector. Virtual, augmented or mixed reality, everything is allowed. ” As long as the technology is suitable for the audience and the educational objectives », nuance Florent Blin, educational advisor within the PédagoLab. This internal structure of the university (12 employees) supports teachers in their digital transition. ” We help them to establish the educational scenario in which the immersive technologies will be integrated. Apprentices from the National School of Games and Interactive Digital Media (Enjmin) in Angoulême will soon join the team.

In Poitiers, we are only at the beginning of the adventure. ” We are in a phase of acculturation “, continues Florent Blin. But the most advanced in the process can now respond to the call for projects launched by the PédagoLab and apply for the Dem’UP fund. The digital twins of the Pprime Institute or the Simlife surgical simulator showed the way several years ago


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