visit Venice through immersive technology

The City of Waters, of the Doges, the Queen of the Adriatic. The city that saw the birth of Marco Polo is a source of many inspirations. Being in itself a true artistic masterpiece, the city is the main subject of an exhibition at the Grand Palais, in Paris.

After “scanning” the premises during confinement using drones, Yves Ubelmann’s company reproduced Venice in three dimensions at the Grand Palais. The technique consists of placing points on the reliefs, a cloud of points, recording them to reproduce them in 3D. Photogrammetry is a technology already used by software like Google Maps.

“On the other hand, our team reconstructed the city using drones and not planes, in order to have a more precise image”, nuance Yves Ubelmann.

Two gems of technology

The other jewel present at the Grand Palais is Venice itself. Through this exhibition, the visitor has the opportunity to discover the city from the foundations to the aerial views. The very construction of Venice seems to be a miracle. The city was established on one of the worst grounds one can conceive to build a city: the mud.

To stand on the lagoon, Venice developed on stilts. Once stabilized, the city was able to exploit natural resources such as sea salt and fish farming, before becoming a global trading city.

In order to interest all generations, part of the exhibition is dedicated to the video game “Assassin’s Creed”, by the company Ubisoft, which uses 3D rendering, similar to Venice. For all parents or grandparents who wish to show the city of Marco Polo, “Venice Revealed” will be held at the Grand Palais until February 19, 2023!

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