Wavi unites ethical fashion and technology

Digital to get closer to its customers

It may seem counter-intuitive, but an NFC tag can be an asset in getting closer to your customers. Explaining its existence and how it works is a good reason for reinforced contact and allows for an enhanced customer experience.. The label is also a vehicle for demonstrating its commitments as a brand, a guarantee of safety and a tool for citizen empowerment by raising awareness of recycling: give to the right place, do not cut the label, understand the importance of buy natural materials and clothes with little mixed fibres.

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A first garment with minimal impact

The choice of hemp

For its first collection, Wavi chose natural materials, hemp, a bold and virtuous bet, and organic cotton certified Organic Content Standard.

Hemp is considered one of the most ecological and responsible fibers in the world. Its rapid and natural growth rate reduces the need for water by 80%, avoids the use of pesticides and makes this plant a natural carbon sink. Its rapid cultivation also makes it possible to enrich the soil. On the skin side, this material is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, thermoregulatory and absorbs moisture.

French clothing sites

Wavi works with mainly French suppliers and manufacturers. The first piece, the oversized and unisex T-shirt, is a blend of 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton. Hemp is of Chinese origin, a country of cultivation and spinning. Currently in France, the stage of hemp spinning is a lost know-how and still perfectible in its finesse. Once spun, it is woven and stabilized in Roanne. The material is “no dye”, not dyed. The confection takes place in Riorges in France. The ribbing is in organic cotton and the label in 100% recycled polyester. Embroidery (100% organic cotton yarn) and flocking (Oeko-Tex certified velvet) are made in Saint-Egrève.

Support to do well and communicate transparently

The societal issue is at the heart of Wavi, which surrounds itself with committed and competent people for its development, in particular by joining forces with the evaluation body Clear fashion. Clear Fashion collects all information from a brand’s value chain and assigns it a public score. Wavi gets the excellent score of 91/100!

Claire Deslandes-Mortier, founder of the Conscious Fashion consulting firm, has supported Wavi since its creation.

Wavi on Instagram

The Wavi website

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