We didn’t think that Apple would one day use this technology for its iPads, and yet…

News hardware We didn’t think that Apple would one day use this technology for its iPads, and yet…

While the new iPads made a surprise appearance yesterday on the Apple site, it was quite different information that caught the attention of Apple fans. Because yes, a new technology would indeed be in preparation on the Cupertino side.

Apple plans to come and walk on Samsung’s toes

Yesterday, Tim Cook and his teams gave us a little surprise in connection with the new iPads! Apple fans were able to see shortly after a tweet from the CEO of the apple that the official site and more particularly the page specific to iPads was under maintenance.. The questions were swept away a few hours later, when we were able to discover the new tablet models made by Apple.

Even though the iPad Pro and 10th generation iPad are here, that doesn’t mean insiders and analysts are done with the rumors. In effect, CNBC has had access to a report from CCS Insight which mentions something that was until now only a hypothesis: the arrival of a foldable iPad. If we are to believe these claims, this technology could land in two generations – in the fall of 2024.

The iPad: a test platform for the iPhone?

The source details that‘Apple first wants to try its luck with a foldable iPad to see how the market reacts and then offer this technology on its iPhones. Ben Wood, the head of research at CCS Insight even indicates that “at the moment, it makes no sense for Apple to create a foldable iPhone”. It seems that for some time Cupertino no longer wants to entrust all its innovations to its most efficient device from launch.

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We didn't think that Apple would one day use this technology for its iPads, and yet...

It’s no secret, but the foldable screen market is booming. Recently, we could see that Asus, it was placed on this sector with its Asus Zenbook Fold 17whereas Samsung continues on its merry way and is already on its fourth generation of foldable mobiles. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that at the moment, this technology is a bit niche and expensive. As is, this therefore still leaves a lot of time for Apple to prepare its arrival on this market.

As we explained to you above, insiders believe that making a folding iPhone ” no sense “ for the moment. The latter are therefore betting that Apple will first bet on a foldable iPad so that the company’s finances do not suffer too much if it does not meet the expected success.. For those familiar with Apple, it’s a safe bet that in the labs of Apple Park, engineers are more concerned with creating an interface that makes sense of the device, rather than launching a banal foldable screen. And given what Apple is capable of with a notch, no need to tell you, thatwith such a screen, iOS and iPadOS could radically change. With the probable release of new products (Apple Car, virtual reality headset) and the arrival of a foldable screen, the next few years could therefore be full of changes for Apple and consumers.

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