we know more about the augmented reality headset from Apple

We already covered the potential features of Apple’s virtual reality headset last month. These materialize with new details seen in a signed report The Information. It’s all about design and amazing new biometric features. Its price is also mentioned.

The power of the iris

Apple has always integrated technologies into its products that make everyday life easier for users. Indeed, the arrival of Touch ID on the iPhone, when the model was released at number 5, had already changed the situation in terms of smartphone security. This saved time while effectively protecting his data. Then Face ID appeared on iPhone X, taking over from Touch ID by allowing the user to unlock their phone using innovative facial recognition technology.

Obviously, Apple will not stop there. The firm seeks to go ever further in improving the safety of its products. With the augmented reality helmet, it would, according to the source, not even be necessary to hold any device in hand: everything would happen at the eye level. We learn that Apple engineers would aim to implement a technology of iris recognition. It would then be possible to identify themselves and make their payments by simply letting the helmet check their biometric ocular fingerprint.

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14 cameras!

Cutting-edge technology, but also worked design, the formula is known at Apple and the new headphones should not escape it. This should include no less than fourteen cameras. The purpose of such a system would be to analyze body and leg movements. In addition, the device should be built with high-end materials, aluminum and glass in particular.

The source also claims that, just like the iPhone 14 Pro or the Apple Watch Series 8, the headset could decrease the refresh rate of its screens to save energy.

Finally, the price of the machine could reach $3,000 (i.e. more than 3,000 euros per hour at the current exchange rate). Apple would then be positioned far from its potential competitors. The Meta Quest Pro for example, signed Meta (formerly Facebook), costs half as much to date.

i-nfo.fr - Official App iPhon.fr
i-nfo.fr – Official App iPhon.fr

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