“We want to make technology a lever for the future. »


Laurent Benatar, Technology and Operations Director of the BPCE group: We believe that the cloud is an extension of the information system, to be managed wisely.

Since June 2021, Laurent Benatar has been Managing Director Technologies and Operations of the BPCE group, which he joined in October 2018 as Deputy Managing Director Information Systems and Operational Excellence, after a 28-year career with the Orange group. He discusses the recent reorganization of the group’s IT activities, current and future challenges as well as the managerial dimension of IT management functions.

Can you tell us about your background and your functions within the BPCE group? Laurent Benatar: Before joining the BPCE group, I spent my entire career in the Orange group, alternating between very technical positions, focused on IT or networks, and other very business related to customers. I have…

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