What are “passkeys”, this technology that signs the end of passwords?

This week, Now You Know looks at the new technologies around us. Constantly evolving, these new technologies are revolutionizing certain sectors but also upsetting our daily lives. Be on the cutting edge of tech with Now You Know!

On September 7, 2022, during its annual Keynote conference, Apple unveiled its new software: iOS16. Commissioned a few days later, it comes with a new authentication technology called passkeys. But Apple is far from the only brand to implement this technology. Indeed, this is an agreement made in May 2022 between three tech giants: Apple, Google and Microsoft. And this agreement marks the beginning of the end of passwords as we have known them so far.

Did the passwords work well? How do passkeys work? What do I do if I have an Apple device and a Microsoft device? Listen to the rest of this episode of “Now You Know”.

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What are “passkeys”, this technology that signs the end of passwords?

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