What are the essential formations of the metaverse?

As the economy shows signs of slowing, investors continue to bet on companies in the metaverse sector. At the same time, new professions appear such as the profession of “Chief Metaverse Officer”. However, it is difficult to find one’s way in the maquis of books and training related to the metaverse. This article lists the essential training courses to better understand this new universe.

The formations concerning the metaverse are not very structured today and an international vision is necessary in order to draw up a precise panorama. Without aiming to be exhaustive, the main ones are mentioned below.

Short courses

Several general moocs allow you to master the fundamentals of the metaverse, such as the Metaverse Expert Certificate from the Blockchain Council or the metaverse masterclass on Udemy. These training courses allow you to understand the concepts relating to NFTs, the different blockchain protocols, cryptocurrencies, metaverse interfaces such as virtual reality, augmented reality or Neuralink. The multiple uses of the metaverse in fashion, marketing, sport and museums are also discussed.

These initiations allow acculturation to the metaverse relatively quickly.

Long training

These essential training courses allow you to deepen the impacts of the metaverse with a technical angle, whether it concerns machine learning, artificial intelligence, business or even sustainable development.

At this stage, five universities or schools stand out:

• The WU Executive Academy in Vienna offers a program based around sustainable development, ethics and metaverse technological applications in an immersive campus.
• The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management offers a Master’s degree in blockchain and digital assets while training in the programming of smart contracts.
• Bocconi University offers a Masters in Sustainable Transformation.
• EMST Berlin offers a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to train metaverse data scientists.
• The Metaverse College in Paris offers training in development, IT, meta heritage, and Artificial Intelligence.

These essential training courses allow you to prepare for new technical professions in the metaverse.

Thus, even if the offer is still relatively fragmented, the solutions exist to understand metaverses and seize the new professional opportunities that are emerging.

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