What are the features of the car armrest?

You have always thought that the role of the armrest is to provide comfort to the driver, but in reality it hides many functions. The front and rear armrests are not just about luxury. We show their different functionalities.

Like many industries, the automotive industry is constantly evolving to offer ever more sophisticated models. This allows certain car accessories, which until now have been limited to their basic role be versatile today. Seat armrests offer comfort and functionality.

A luxury faux leather car armrest – Source: spm

What are the features of the car armrest?

Armrests are most commonly found in SUVs or A-segment cars. to change gears. They are a great addition that relieves the rider’s arm, shoulder, spine and neck. It is also an added convenience for the passenger. But what more can an armrest offer than what it already offers?

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A car armrest

A car armrest – Source: spm

Newer or more advanced cars have an armrest that is not stationary. In fact, it’s not just a convenience factor, but it is also retractable. Depending on the user’s needs, they can push it forward or bring it back. A very convenient feature, because the driver often has to switch gears constantly, especially in city traffic. In such a case, the armrest, which is a comfort element, can get in the way if you don’t use its retraction. It is therefore important to “push it back” for a better driving experience. On the other hand, on lanes such as motorways, the armrest can be placed in its standard configuration.

In several cases, the armrest can be raised again to reveal others Compartments where you can store useful items. Several car models have armrests that house a very handy hidden trunk. In addition, it also prevents objects from lying around on the cushions, making the interior of your cabin less cluttered.

In short, an armrest is an essential contribution to the car, especially the driver is required for long journeys or take the freeway.

The different functions of a new generation car armrest

Aside from the retractable function of the armrests, these are now areas that have multiple functions inherent in the operation of the vehicle. In fact, with the development of modern technologies, the armrests of the car have become a multifunctional element. Over time, they have expanded their range of functions to go beyond the coffee cup tray and bottle holder. The new generation of cars now have an additional control area in addition to the more democratized dashboard.

A coffee cup rack in a car armrest

A coffee cup tray in a car armrest – Source: spm

There you will find, among other things, things that make it possible to control more than one vehicle system: closing the windows, activating the “massage” function of the driver or passenger seat, activating radio systems and that Adjustment of the air conditioning.

There is also a mini-fridge with a cooling system in the armrest or above, or even additional USB ports. Some armrests may even include an integrated console and where you can find a car’s rudimentary options.

Charging a mobile phone via a USB port in a car armrest

Charging a mobile phone via a USB port in a car armrest – Source: spm

And not only that, because in addition to these functions, the rear armrest also benefits from the folding function. It is thus almost an extension of the main armrest, which further increases the comfort of this equipment. In addition, the rear armrest can also play an important role and with good reason it can be folded down serve as an additional seat. A great ergonomic find.

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Sophisticated car armrest

Sophisticated car armrest – Source: spm

If you want to enjoy an armrest that adapts to your vehicle and which is of good quality Here are the criteria you can base yourself on. Of course, it is advisable to get the opinion of a car expert before paying: the model with a storage box, a leather armrest, a comfortable model for the elbow or the raised hand for better accessibility. . The rest of the criteria remains aesthetic.

As you can see, the various features of an armrest greatly enhance the driving experience. At the same time, this is a reminder of how useful it is to know more about the different configurations of our cars.

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