“What if… technology made us immortal? »

Screenshot from the video: “What if technology made us immortal”
Anthony Barthélémy / Universcience / The Conversation France

What if… technology made us immortal?

The first apps to “converse” with a missing loved one are entering the market. A true economy of “digital immortality” is beginning to emerge. All of this is based on progress in artificial intelligence, coupled with ever-expanding access to our personal data… Should we fear the addictive potential of a virtual world where loved ones never die?… Questions around the issues ethics of digital immortality are posed to Laurence Devillers, professor of artificial intelligence at Sorbonne University and CNRS researcher and Laurent Bibard, philosopher, graduate of Sciences Po Paris and director of the Management and Philosophy sector at ESSEC.

Directed by: Anthony Barthelemy. Editorial coordination: Yseult Berger and Benoît Tonson. Production: Universcience, in partnership with The Conversation France 2022.

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