What is Li-Fi technology, which could replace Wi-Fi?

This week, Now You Know looks at the new technologies around us. Constantly evolving, these new technologies are revolutionizing certain sectors but also upsetting our daily lives. Be on the cutting edge of tech with Now You Know!

In 2022, the Wi-Fi network, for Wireless Fidelity, celebrates its 23rd anniversary. But today, new advances tend to replace it. This is the case of Li-Fi, for Light Fidelity, internet through light. This technology, in the pipes since 2005, should arrive on the market in the coming years under the impetus of brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and Philips.

How does Li-Fi work? What are the advantages of this technology? What future for Wi-Fi? Listen to the rest of this episode of “Now You Know”.

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What is Li-Fi technology, which could replace Wi-Fi?

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