What is Tech? Gadgets That Can Help You Stay Safe And Connected During A Power Outage | What is Technology?

When the electricity goes out inside, you may find yourself outside where there is light, but you’re also not connected to the internet or your family and friends. But these tech gadgets keep bad situations from getting worse.

If you lose power, one of these power stations can help. The EcoFlow Delta Pro charges quickly via a standard electrical outlet, not gasoline. So you can keep it charged and stored in a closet for months. They keep devices running for hours and are light enough to carry from room to room. They will also keep phones and laptops charged for days.

In the event of prolonged power outages, a sunscreen will keep these plants running. They are lightweight and can be stored in a small space until you need them.

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Have at least a few portable batteries charged and ready to use for your phones.

Put some power cords in your emergency kit and keep them there. Consider multi-plug cables with USB, USB-C, and Lightning plugs for iPhone.

The Zello application is ideal for emergencies, even when cell towers are down. After cellphone companies set up temporary cell towers, the Zello app only requires a fraction of the signal to send text messages and audio messages. It’s like having a walkie-talkie that can reach everywhere.

Weather radios are essential. These little radios from Eton have flashlights, AM/FM and a weather band. They can charge a phone and have small solar panels to help keep it charged.

There are newer versions of these radios with some additional features. I’ve had this one in storage for I don’t even know how long. The battery was dead, but about 10 seconds after throwing it I had a weather radio and a flashlight. You won’t need them until you need them, but you’ll be happy to put them where you can find them.

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