What is the metaverse? How to explain this New Virtual Technology

The metaverse is a relatively recent concept and therefore still difficult to define.

One thing is certain though, it has its origins in science fiction. The metaverse is a set of 3D universes explored by different users thanks to different technologies that allow them to project themselves into a virtual world, to live there, to weave social ties, to carry out various tasks, to acquire all kinds and even to exchange different virtual currencies thanks to the existence of a single economic system.

Metavers: what is it and what are the main advantages?

As you will have understood, the metaverse is a structured virtual world that allows users to live both in a physical world and in cyberspace. It is not limited to one computer and therefore owes its particularity to its presence on many computers around the world.

What are the advantages of the metaverse and what are the main areas in which its influence is felt?

What are the benefits of metaverse technologies?

advantages of the metaverse

As mentioned above, the metaverse is a virtual world that could be considered a combination between video games and the Net. As a user of a metaverse, it is possible to create an avatar and have it act as it pleases. Being part of a metaverse offers a multitude of benefits to users.

Although virtual, the metaverse is a world in its own right. Being part of a metaverse community is a way to strengthen your social ties as well as your relationships with people in the real world. The metaverse brings together in the same world people who are sometimes very distant physically in the real world.

Numerous studies carried out in the field highlight the increase in social interaction as an undeniable benefit of the metaverse. The benefits below can also be attributed to the metaverse:

  • A tool that can be used in the academic field : the metaverse represents an effective tool to use for immersive lesson sessions. Creating an environment that perfectly meets the needs of students and arouses their interest is entirely possible thanks to the use of the metaverse;
  • A realistic environment : the metaverse differs from video games by its extremely realistic side. It represents a framework facilitating real-time interactions between users and is therefore undoubtedly a comparable to the real world;
  • Unlimited accessibility : the metaverses are accessible from anywhere in the world and can even be visited from a telephone, a computer or a tablet for example. Allowing access to a metaverse is therefore not the prerogative of a particular geographical area or place;
  • A way to get to know yourself better and express yourself better : the metaverse is a perfect setting to express yourself, get to know yourself better and even live experiences that you have neither the time nor the courage or even less the opportunity to live in the real world.

What is the interest of metaverse technologies?

metaverse interest
metaverse interest

The metaverse is a subject of great interest in the academic context, but also and above all for businessmen and for companies in various fields of activity. Like Mark Zuckerberg who officially announced his great interest in the metaverse, many companies should get started.

It is indeed a way to improve communication within your company, to improve your marketing strategy and all your services as a service provider or online sales company.

Owning a metaverse as a company is the assurance of offering its customers unique and fully satisfactory services. Metaverse is a way to stand out from the competition through quality services.

Apart from the many possibilities offered by the metaverse in the field of marketing, it should be noted that it is also an excellent means usable for entertainment. Realistically, the metaverse is quite capable of replicating various environments and allowing its users to indulge in whatever activities they choose.

What are the existing metaverses?

There are a large number of metaverses. However, 3 in particular stand out thanks to their potential and the features they offer. Decentraland, Roblox, and the Sandbox are well-known metaverses. Decentraland, for example, belongs entirely to its users who own spaces that they use voluntarily. Roblox is a platform that is dedicated to games of all kinds.

Finally, The sandbox stands out for its atypical decorations which offer a multitude of lots already occupied by well-known people with also spaces still available for acquisition.

What about the metaverse in different areas?

Metaverses hold many influences in different areas relating to the real or virtual world. Healthcare, real estate, entertainment, and art are areas heavily influenced by metaverses.


Metaverse Health
Metaverse Health

The field of health is undeniably one of the sectors that will be strongly impacted by metaverses. This influence will take place at different levels and is already being noticed in different ways.

Indeed, the improvement of health services, the reduction of healthcare costs, the clear improvement of telemedicine sessions, the integration of new parameters for carrying out various surgeries, and the provision of various tools intended to offer patients greater sovereignty are expected results.

However, the challenges of the effective integration of the metaverse in the field of health are numerous.


real estate metaverse
real estate metaverse

The purchase of land and real estate in the Metaverses has taken on a massive scale in recent years. Investors and well-known brands of supermarkets or clothing are investing in the purchase of real estate at the cost of millions within the metaverse.

The profitability of this type of investment is still uncertain. It is therefore important to think carefully before embarking on it.


The metaverse appears as a way to improve online gaming experiences. It offers the possibility of a large number of players for the different games. Also, unlike classic online games, players are offered different activities in parallel with game play.


In the field of art, the metaverses also offer great changes. Visit virtual museums, acquire paintings, meet artists and many other possibilities are offered in this realistic virtual world.

How does the metaverse work?
How does the metaverse work?

As mentioned before, the metaverse is a 3D virtual world that makes possible interactions between different users. Some would compare it to a much more advanced video game.

Indeed, a metaverse offers several possibilities not offered by video games. In addition, the realistic side of the metaverse is a significant point which positions it in a much better position than a simple video game.

The operation of the metaverse is simple. It will be for each user to create his avatar and to go thanks to the latter in a metaverse of his choice. Indeed, there are a large number of metaverses with each one offering its own activities and specificities. Do you want to take part in a show, for example? All you have to do is go to a metaverse dedicated to the activity of your choice.

The metaverse guarantees you the realization of unique virtual and physical experiences. This is a real revolution in which you will absolutely have to take part as a company or simply as a natural person. The advantages offered by the metaverse are numerous. It would therefore be a shame to remain on the sidelines of this revolution!

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