What technology is behind the spray dress that dressed model Bella Hadid?

Unless you’ve avoided social media this weekend, it’s hard to miss the images of the dress that’s causing a real buzz right now. For the Spring-Summer 2023 show of the Fashion Week in Paris, the French brand Coperni made the show with a textile spray called Fabrican. The result is a particularly media moment, with a dress sprayed on model Bella Hadid’s body in the middle of the parade, in the space of just ten minutes.

The technology is not completely new, since we first talked about it 12 years ago. Fabrican is the result of long years of research – Fabrican Technologies was founded in 2003. It is a product invented by Manel Torres, designer and doctor ofImperial College of London, in order to create clothes made to measure, without seams or adjustments.

A “recyclable” dress

The spray contains fibres, polymers and solvents which evaporate on contact with a surface such as the skin. The fibers stick together, creating a non-woven fabric. Clothing can be created with different fibers, including wool, mohair, cotton, nylon, cellulose, and carbon nanofibers. In addition, the fibers are reusable. ” If you don’t want any more, you can put the dress back in the liquid and you can immediately spray it again “, indicated Sébastien Meyer, co-founder of Coperni.

Fabrican textiles may also contain conductive elements to create connected clothing. Fashion is not the only field of application. The technology can be used in the medical field, for example to create dressings, wipes or masks.

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