What technology is behind the spray dress that dressed model Bella Hadid?

The dress that Bella Hadid wore on the fashion show Fashion Week, in Paris, is currently making the buzz on social networks. Ten minutes was enough to spray a full dress directly onto the skin of the model, who had arrived almost naked.

Unless you avoided the social networkssocial networks this weekend, it’s hard to miss the images of the dress which is creating a real buzz at the moment. For the Spring-Summer 2023 show of the Fashion Week in Paris, the French brand Coperni made the show with a textile spray called Fabrican. The result is a particularly media moment, with a dress sprayed on model Bella Hadid’s body in the middle of the parade, in the space of just ten minutes.

The technology is not completely new, since we first talked about it 12 years ago. Fabrican is the result of long years of research – Fabrican Technologies was founded in 2003. It is a product invented by Manel Torres, designer and doctor ofImperial College of London, to create bespoke garments without seams or adjustments.

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A “recyclable” dress

The spray contains fibres, polymerspolymers and solventssolvents which evaporate on contact with a surface such as the skin. The fibers stick together, creating a non-woven fabric. Clothing can be created with different fibers, including wool, mohairmohaircotton, nylonnylonthe cellulosecellulose and nanofibers of carboncarbon. In addition, the fibers are reusable. ” If you don’t want it anymore, you can put the dress back in the liquidliquid and you can immediately spray it again said Sébastien Meyer, co-founder of Coperni.

Fabrican textiles can also contain conductive elements to create connected clothing. Fashion is not the only area ofapplicationapplication. The technology can be used in the medical field, for example to create bandages, wipes or masks.

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You can dress with a paint gun: chemists and fashion designers have already proven it and are preparing to demonstrate it in London. These seamless garments, made directly on the body, could also have applications in medicine and even in industry.

Article of Jean-Luc GoudetJean-Luc Goudetpublished on 09/16/2010

In the same way that one paints with a spray gun, one can create a tapestry, a bandage or even a garment. It is in the field of fashion that this original process was developed and demonstrated by Manel Torres, a Spanish designer who regularly collaborates with Paul Luckham, from Department of Chemical Engineering at theImperial College London. A company, Fabrican, was even founded in 2003 to market this fabric called Spray-On Fabric.

The team is preparing to show, tomorrow in London, at a press conference, the latest advances in this original process. Next Monday it will be presented at theImperial College during a parade, Science in StyleStyle fashion spray on.

Bandages, wipes, gowns or car interior trim

The technique consists of mixing fibers (acrylic, wool or linenlinen) to a polymer and a solvent. The choice of fibers makes it possible to modify the texturetexture leisurely. They will be held together by the liquid polymer. The projection can be carried out using a bomb or a tank gun. Once the product is spread on the surface, the solvent evaporates and you get a kind of fabric, which you can even wash. A garment thus constructed can be worn again…

The fabric Spray-on Fabric applied using a spray gun or a spray can, directly on the body or on any surface. We can thus create a garment but also a tailor-made dressing. © Manufacturer

A haute couture designer can give free rein to his imagination and Manel Torres has not failed to do so. The innovation has many other potential applications, the team explains. In medicine, such materialmaterial could be used as a dressing for wounds or skin burns. It could also become sterile wipes.

Fabrican imagines applications for industry since the process would also make it possible to quickly produce the interior fittings of a carcar for example.


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