what will the new European currency be used for?

To allay the concerns of commercial banks, the ECB is considering capping the volume of digital euros available per wallet. nazariykarkhut / stock.adobe.com

DECRYPTION – Faced with the decline of cash and the rise of cryptocurrencies in Europe, the European Central Bank is developing a single dematerialized currency.

It should eventually be an alternative to cash, electronic payments and cryptocurrencies. The digital euro, supported by the European Central Bank (ECB), is going through an experimental phase. It should not see the light of day before next year, but the fundamentals are already there: equivalent to a “digital note”, this currency would be backed by the euro and would lend itself to daily transactions. What can we really expect from this new currency? Who can use it? What will be its benefits and risks?

For Jean-Pierre Landau, former Deputy Governor of the Banque de France and author of a report addressed to the European Parliament on the digital euro, “cand digital euro maybe…

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