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Samira Balsara – 06/03/2022

A recent study indicates that one in four Canadian tech leaders believe their use of digital tools and technology has little to no effect on creating real business value.

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The KPMG study clarifies that it is not enough for companies to publish a new website and then forget about it. According to the company, successful digital transformation requires comprehensive end-to-end digital experiences powered by technology that drives long-term value.

“A lot of organizations should think more about how technology can really help employees do their jobs or help customers have an experience. The most important thing is to really understand what people need technology for,” said Kathryn Brohman, associate professor and director of the Master of Digital Product Management program at the Smith School of Business.

Digital skills are no longer just for IT employees. As digital transformation is increasingly a primary focus for organizations, it’s critical that all employees are equipped with the required digital skills, Brohman said. Without this practice, Canadian businesses and employees risk being left behind.

A global survey of companies with over a thousand employees by research firm RAND Europe found that more than half agreed that a shortage of digital talent has resulted in a loss of competitive advantage, and that if the digital skills gap is not addressed quickly, there will be negative impacts on product development, innovation and customer experience. Additionally, business investments in technology are wasted without equal attention to the employees who can actually make them useful and drive business value.

For more details. the original article (in English) is available on the site IT World Canadaa sister publication of Informatic direction.

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