When new technologies melt the energy bill

Beem solar panels. BEEM

OUR ADVICE – Remote control of heating and air conditioning, solar electricity or control of water consumption… Review of effective solutions.

Nearly 2.50 euros per liter of SP98 in the center of Paris! This is unheard of! This despite government aid of 15 cents. As a result of the war in Ukraine and the European embargo, the price of oil has never been so high. The same goes for gas… And the price of electricity is about to soar. The French have never been so interested in saving energy and every idea is welcome. Fortunately, new technologies offer many tips for controlling consumption, or even producing part of your electricity yourself. They will be used in parallel with the eternal energy renovation solutions, which obviously retain all their interest.

The smart thermostat

With the first heat wave of the year, electricity bills related to air conditioning will mathematically increase. Households spend on average 1700 euros per year for their heating. The smart thermostat is therefore a wise choice, winter and summer alike…

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