where are we with recycling and second life?

So that the worst dystopias and cyberpunk atmospheres do not become a reality, ecology must be placed at the heart of high-tech. Green-washing, based on recycled shells on appliances containing mercury, lead, cadmium and other substances that you are advised not to taste with a straw, may not be enough. But then, what to do? We discussed it with Claire Lemarchand, director at Ecosystem.eco.

No more abundance, it’s time for sobriety, it seems. Once the announcement effects and declarations of intentions have passed, we must question our uses and better reflect on our electronic equipment, both for ecological and economic reasons.

To do this, let’s start by pushing an open door: the most environmentally friendly material is that which is not produced. La Palice couldn’t have said it better! Once an iBidule or Galaxy Machin lands in the hands of a user, its ecological footprint is no longer to be counted in negligible quantity.

These two brands mentioned in veiled terms, however, provide excellent services, so we can legitimately wonder about the durability of their products before considering them as obsolete. And if the first use no longer satisfies you, is it possible to find another vocation for them? Finally, there is the question of resale for a second life or proper recycling.

Incompressible footprint, Green IT and AGEC


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