Who are those who resist technology?

Activists note that today’s high-tech agriculture proletarianizes farmers, feeds poorly and destroys the planet. For them, technology plays a central role in this system. And especially the question of agricultural machinery. We see it with these huge combines. In France, these techniques were implemented after the Second World War and contributed to a huge reduction in the amount of agricultural assets and farms.

“Tractors were presented as a way of threatening agricultural workers: if you don’t work well, we will replace you with machines. It was said in black and white by small local landowners at the time”highlighted Nicolas Cenik.

Today there are far fewer farms, but they are much larger, which necessarily imposes a model of extensive agriculture. The purchase of large machines implies taking out loans, receiving subsidies from the CAP, and, to repay them, cultivating on very large surfaces, necessarily with pesticides.

The Farmer’s Workshopa self-build cooperative, offers solutions. It is make your own machines, from thoughtful plans between farmers. We are talking about low-tech technologies, which users understand and are able to repair themselves. This commits them to costs that are much lower.

This allows this agriculture which is according to what they want to practice, rather than according to what is in force in general.

L’Atelier paysan also proposes political alternatives, through the publication of books, animations-conferences.

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