Why did Lyon decide not to cancel the 2022 Festival of Lights?

The 2022 Festival of Lights is maintained in Lyon despite the rise in energy prices. (©TZ / News Lyon)

The Festival of Lights will take place from December 8 to 11, 2022 in Lyon. It will not be shortened or cancelled. During the presentation of the energy sobriety plan on Tuesday, October 11, Gregory Doucetenvironmentalist mayor of Lyon, affirmed that it will be held in its entirety, its “additional energy cost being extremely low”.

The Festival of Lights: “a marginal cost of 3,500 euros”

The energy sobriety plan was carried out by the City of Lyon in partnership with the political opposition. It has 18 measures such as lowering the heating to 18 degrees in equipment, 19 degrees in administrative premises, libraries, nurseries and schools, 14 degrees in gymnasiums, and limit the water in swimming pools to 25 degrees.

Heritage will be lit for even less time. Heritage lighting will only be done on Saturdays, until 11 p.m. and exceptionally, during events.

“An iconic event”

This sobriety plan will also cut back on the christmas lights. They will go out at 11 p.m. instead of midnight and will end one week before (January 8 included). But this plan will not affect the Festival of Lights 2022 which is kept in its entirety.

“We want to maintain the Festival of Lights because it’s an iconic event for the city. The additional energy cost of the Festival of Lights is extremely low. To give you an idea: the Festival of Lights is a marginal cost of 3,500 euros”, explained Grégory Doucet, in a press conference.

“Energy-efficient” works

The elected environmentalist explains: “It’s not much in terms of energy cost because the installations are based on led technology. In fact, they are energy efficient and, in addition, when we install the works, we turn off everything around. »

According to our information, certain animations carried out by companies could however be impacted. The Caisse d’Epargne does not yet know whether it will renew the projection on its emblematic tower of Part-Dieu, Incity. If it takes place during this edition of the Festival of Lights, its time amplitude will be reduced from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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