why pharmacists won’t give you more than two boxes

Since the summer, France lacks paracetamol. In order not to spend the winter without medication, the National Medicines Safety Agency has asked doctors to prescribe less and pharmacies to limit sales to two boxes per person. For medicines for children, the stocks are already empty.

You have a fever, a headache or even a toothache: first reflex, go to the pharmacy to buy paracetamol. However, you will not be given more than two boxes. Doliprane, Dafalgan and Efferalgan have been affected by supply difficulties since this summer. Faced with these tensions, a new reminder is issued to professionals.

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Pharmacies under pressure

The National Medicines Safety Agency has asked doctors to prescribe paracetamol only to patients who have an immediate need. They also asked to advise taking three tablets a day, instead of four. Pharmacies will also tighten their belts, and will not sell more than two boxes per person without a prescription. If you are sick and you have a prescription, don’t panic, the pharmacist will still give you what you need.

For children, however, it is more complicated. In some pharmacies, there is no more Doliprane at pediatric doses, explains Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France. “For the syrup formats, we are delivered 24 boxes by 24 boxes. This is what I will deliver in one day of keeping. Normally, we order them by 200 or by 300. As for the suppository forms, they are not downright no longer available at all.”

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