Why you should turn off the snooze function of your alarm clock

In a recent study, scientists advise against dozing at the risk of damaging your heart health and your nervous system. Explanations.

Another five minutes. When the alarm clock rings, the temptation to put it off for a few minutes is often very strong. A function is even dedicated to that; the Snooze button (to be translated by “roupillon” in French).

However, this reflex would not be really good for health. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana (United States), we should get rid of this (bad) habit shared by 57% of the panel. The conclusions published in the scientific journal sleeping recommend to sleep as little as possible. “So many people are sleepy because so many people are chronically tired. If only one in three people are sleeping well, that means many of us are turning to other ways to manage fatigue,” reports Stephen Mattingly, lead author of the study who conducted the research when he was postdoctoral researcher at Notre Dame.

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An attack on the body

Quoted by several British media, neuroscientist Matthew Walker warns against the harmful effects of this “snooze” function. Indeed, repeatedly pressing this button inflicts a “cardiovascular attack” on the body and damages the nervous system. Every rude awakening when the bell rings is a shock. So, to defend itself, the body secretes a dose of cortisol. The study involved 450 adults with paid employment […]

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