WiFi 7 will allow you to exceed 5 Gb/s from 2023

Intel and Broadcom have just put online one of the very first demos of their WiFi 7 technology. Given the market shares of the two vendors in WiFi solutions for smartphones and computers, we can expect it to be this technology that would be found in the first WiFi 7 enabled devices.

In their demonstration, the two firms achieved a transfer speed of 5.06 Gb/s between “an Intel Core computer with a WiFi 7 solution” and “a Broadcom WiFi 7 access point”. 5.06 Gb/s is in itself an impressive bandwidth, especially wirelessly – even if it is far from the theoretical speeds (over 30 Gb/s) of the technology.

WiFi 7: we can expect a bandwidth of around 5 Gb/s in real conditions

For comparison, Intel and Broadcom are also demoing WiFi 6 bandwidth – resulting in around Gigabit per second throughput – as well as a WiFi 6E demo which, thanks to its additional channels, reaches around 2.5 Gb /s. WiFi 7 has new features like extremely wide 320 MHz channels in the 6 GHz band.

But also a much more advanced 4K QAM modulation system, simultaneous connection on several different frequency ranges, as well as improved channel utilization. Thanks to its increased bandwidth and latency, WiFi 7 technology can enable the advent of new technologies, such as 16K video streaming (like the future of augmented reality).

Or even enable low latency gaming over WiFi, including in crowded places. In addition to this, WiFi 7 technology will finally allow Internet users to take full advantage of the 2.5 Gb/s or even 10 Gb/s fiber Internet connections offered by certain operators.

According to IDC Research Director Phil Solis, quoted in the Intel and Broadcom statement, “Wi-Fi 7 is the most powerful and capable Wi-Fi protocol to date, and it will allow Wi-Fi to meet all the most demanding applications in consumer and vertical markets with the highest level of determinism ever achieved. ‘here”.

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The first WiFi 7-enabled computers, smartphones and access points are expected to hit the market sometime in 2023.

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