WiFi and GPON technology, the best solution for hotels

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According to various studies focused on the hotel sector, free and quality WiFi is ranked number 1 in terms of desired services, making having an efficient connectivity solution a priority for hoteliers. Fortunately, recent technological advances provide the sector with various alternatives to ensure a service that meets customer expectations. Among these new technologies to take into account, there is undoubtedly the GPON technology.

What is GPON technology and why use it?

The next generation of passive fiber optic networks ensures the highest quality experience while reducing costs and simplifying network management. With customers increasingly connected and with greater communication needs, the quality offered by GPON technology over fiber optics is the ideal solution for the hotel market.

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Is there WiFi with GPON technology for hotels?

Of course, there are already companies specializing in WiFi solutions for hotels that are adding GPON technology to their services. Among them Entertainment Solutionswhich in 2019 already concluded a business agreement with the company Spanred for the integration of WiFi solutions into its product portfolio.

Thereby, ZAFIRO Wi-Fi was born. An efficient and secure connectivity solution that also allows the transfer of GPON technology into the hotel environment, meeting current demands, solving infrastructure limitations and providing real added value.

ZAFIRO’s current GPON infrastructure features cutting-edge technologies such as point-to-multipoint wireless networks and, of course, traditional wired networks. In addition, another advantage that GPON technology brings to a WiFi network is the possibility of using the two existing bands on the market and being compatible with devices that do not yet have 5 GHz connectivity.

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