with CogEngines, your right arm is a robot

Equipped with a head with 3D eyes, CogEngines robots are manipulated without digital control. They are the operator’s right-hand man who provides instructions at their fingertips. “My vision of the future in cobotics?, asks Sébastien Lissarre, it will be to add capacities to the robot, in order to help the human being in uninteresting tasks which damage the body, but also to allow businesses to be competitive with countries where the cost of labor is low. He is delighted with the aid provided by the Region and the BPI and is counting on fundraising, by the end of 2022, of 600,000 euros.

Or how to leave repetitive tasks to the robot so that the operator can concentrate on the noble actions: quality, management, research and development of a product.


If Sébastien Lissarre cannot yet give the name of his 4e client, an SME based in Paris, he continues to develop his robots for VDLV. This producer of liquids for electronic cigarettes, No. 2 in France, which produces 120,000 bottles per week, welcomes the CogEngines team within its walls in Cestas. Exxelia, sound 2e customer, which manufactures a wide range of magnetic capacitors, resistors, slip rings and high-precision mechanical parts, has a turnover of 150,000 million. This company from Pessac sells its products in France and throughout Europe. Made-to-measure is also guaranteed at Boehringer, in the field of animal health. Present in 130 countries, this company weighs 15 billion.

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