With its connected backpack, Alrena Technologies wants to treat in medical deserts

Posted Oct 28, 2022 12:06 PM

It is one of the six winning companies of the 2022 edition of the Trophies for the Paris Est Marne et Bois territory. Alrena Technologies received the Coup de coeur award for its connected solutions allowing doctors to intervene remotely in the medical and digital deserts. The award ceremony organized by the Paris Est Marne et Bois intercommunality with the Val-de-Marne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) took place on Tuesday 25 October.

Based in Saint-Mandé (Val-de-Marne), the company of three employees has focused, since its creation in 2015, on two issues: the lack of doctors and a network, particularly in rural areas. “However, without a stable network, it is not possible to do teleconsultation,” explains Julia Barrel, CEO of Alrena Technologies.

Connected suitcase and backpack

To address these issues, the company first launched the Smart Medicase in 2016, a connected suitcase intended for emergency medicine. Operated by the paramedic or the firefighter, it allows a connection to be established with a remote doctor. A solution, according to the company, to unclog emergencies.

At the beginning of 2022, Alrena Technologies marketed a new product: the Medibag. Lighter than the Smart Medicase, the connected backpack is more suitable for scheduled care and will, for example, be used by private nurses. The latter are present in rural areas, where there are sometimes no more doctors.

Real-time results

To establish the connection, the two products work like wifi boxes, with a particular technology. “They are able to add up all the bandwidth residues to reconstitute a wifi bubble and allow consultation,” explains Julia Barrel, CEO of Alrena Technologies. This includes satellite and cellular wifi networks.

Users can also connect any medical device to the Smart Medicase or Medibag, such as an ultrasound machine or a connected stethoscope. The doctor, for his part, receives the results obtained in real time. Data is encrypted and transferred inside a VPN. The company claims not to keep them.

Fundraising of 400,000 euros in October

For its development, Alrena Technologies is carrying out several projects: it is currently working with CMSI France to equip immediate care medical centers with Medibags so that consultations can be carried out at home. The company has also teamed up with an ambulance manufacturer and the electronics group Selha Group to carry out a connected vehicle project.

In October, the company completed a fourth fundraising round of 300,000 euros. Its objective: to recruit salespeople and engineers to deploy throughout the territory.

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