With start-ups, the technology of tomorrow is already here

In partnership with Google and EY Tunisia, and with the support of German Cooperation, implemented by GIZ, the 12th edition of Orange Summer Challenge was held on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at the Cité de la culture .

An essential competition for the geeks of Orange Digital Center, which this year gave 21 young engineers and designers the opportunity to develop, during the 3 summer months, innovative technological projects related to the theme of this editing.

The Tech4Good

Meriem Turki, head of the innovation and digital department at Orange Tunisia, maintains that these young people were able to develop their solutions in a limited period of time.

“What’s interesting is that each team was able to design a prototype in record time, and the goal will be to have it commercialized in the near future,” she added.

And at Orange Tunisia, there is a whole system that supports young people, so that they realize their projects. This system serves both as a guide in the design of their prototypes and as an accelerator for their startups.

Turki affirms that Tunisia has always been fertile in full heads, and that Orange is committed today to supporting them sufficiently so that they carry out their projects in their own country, and hardly anywhere else.

Why invest in technology?

For Imen Maouene, Innovation Manager at EY Tunisia, “because we live in an uncertain world, which changes every day where technology evolves, a well-defined way of life is imposed on us, and above all, pushes us towards transformation. “. For the company, this becomes a “must”, and “if the company does not transform, the risk of disappearing is close”, she added.

When we talk about innovation, we are talking indirectly about the challenges that the company will have to solve, by introducing technology in the first place, because it represents the solution to the needs of the company.

Meet the candidates

Thanks to the tailor-made supervision provided by the partners and the expertise of the coaches, the 4 trained teams were able to present and defend their projects, determined to convince the audience, seduced by the essential advantages provided by their solutions, vote for them.

African Manager went to meet these young prodigies, and wanted to dig deeper into the continuity of their current projects.

Wessim Selmi, 19 and designer for Blindverse, a smart system that helps visually impaired people and facilitates their daily tasks, passionately describes his project, a solution that detects Tunisian currency, and assures that he counts with his comrades to integrate the dialect Tunisian to their solution very soon.

Ahmed Bechir Mazhoud, 21, and designer for Perro, a virtual assistant for children with communication difficulties, finds Tunisia fertile ground for technology, as there is not much competition in this field. In addition, he claims to have full confidence in Tunisian investors and intends to realize his dreams in his country.

Mohamed Amine Abdi, 21, designer for VSM, a capture system to monitor the state of health of premature babies, talks about a project that can save lives. Having been a premature baby himself, it is a cause he defends today, and not just a project.

Anas Chaibi, web developer at FireFlow, a network of loT nodes to assess and predict any risk of fires, describes a solution that aims to prevent fires. A set of tools for forest fire protectors, who thanks to this solution will be able to easily detect sudden movements and wind reactions.

FireFlow is now targeting the local and international market, and wants to work with the Ministry of Agriculture for forest management.

The results of the competition

And so it was that after the public vote, the winners of OSC2022 were announced and the big winner of this 12th edition revealed.

This is the Perro team! Then come in the ranking FireFlow, Blindverse and VSM Technologies respectively second, third and fourth winners. The two Coup de coeur awards from Google and EY Tunisia were awarded to Perro and VSM Technologies!

A first-class participation involving teams and young students full of talent and creativity and very sensitive to the many societal challenges of today and tomorrow!

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