with which packages do you benefit?

The number 8 as a benchmark. The number 8 as sesame, two new boxes perfect for fiber optic subscribers and a high-tech TV decoder that promises to turn your movie nights into real “immersive experiences”. We present you with the ultimate SFR boxes and decoders and the packages that go with them.

Maximum speed and connectivity: the SFR Box 8 and 8X

Obviously available to both ADSL and cable subscribers, these boxes are primarily designed to bring the performance of fiber to your home. The SFR box 8 was released in 2019 and like its competitors it offers 2Gb/s fiber speed. Except for Free’s Freebox Delta and their fabulous promise of 8 Gbps. SFR released last February an improved version: the SFR Box 8Xwhich, as the name suggests, has quadrupled in capacity. It is still necessary that your accommodation is eligible (you can test your address here) and remember that it is divided river on multiple ports. number more like 2 to 2.5 Gb/s in real.

Once your home is connected at very high speeds, now is the time Distribute as well as possible to the different locations and devices of the House. Wi-Fi 6 tri-band technology and that of intelligent Wi-Fi will make this possible: choose the best frequency to have the best bandwidth at all times, making sure 1 G/s throughput to all connected devices simultaneously, without loss.

The SFR 8 Box TV: Decoder and connected loudspeaker at the same time

A decoder:

  • 4K Ultra HDR, Dolby Vision : enough to faithfully reproduce images intended for cinema, with “Four times more detail than Full HD”
  • Dolby Atmos sound with 3 speakers, for an experience “immersive” out of the ordinary
  • built-in TV control interfacerevised for more ergonomics and easier access to recorded programs, streaming platforms, SVoD …
  • and a Voice and universal remote control

A connected speaker :

  • not one but two language assistants are responsible for helping you every day. Find the latest episode of this Brazilian series, while searching the web for an address or the time of the next train, a voice assistant from SFR makes your life easier. Password “OK, SFR, …”. Another option: the famous voice assistant Amazon Alexa, provided you create your account first.

Which subscription to choose to benefit from it?

We did the test and wrote our opinion, we advise you of course, among all SFR fiber subscriptions, the first class SFR premium formula to enjoy both broadband and TV services. It appears at 32€ per month in the first year, and from the second for at least 50 € per month. It might be a bit expensive, for example, if you know that the WiFi repeater, which is very practical for larger apartments, has to be rented additionally (3 euros per month). Unless you factor in the savings thanks to included 6-month access to:

  1. Netflix (Standard subscription for 2 screens)
  2. Disney+the indispensable platform for the whole family
  3. the SFR Family Packwhich includes E!, Paris Premiere and Crime District

Good to know : If you’re more Internet than TV, you can reduce your “spending” budget by settling for thatSFR Power subscription. Indeed: no more decoder and less rich TV content, but you will still be equipped with it SFR Box 8 modem at a lower price: €26/monththen 43 €, with a minimum commitment of 12 months.

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