XGL1010: the best of Coilcraft technology in an ideal format for your DC-DC

XGL1010 inductors feature the lowest copper losses in the industry and extremely low AC losses for high frequency DC-DC converters (up to over 5 MHz). Other improvements include a wider range of inductance values ​​and higher RMS currents.

The XGL1010 series is offered in 17 inductance values, scaled from 0.27 to 56.0 µH, with allowable currents up to 117 A with soft saturation. These inductors offer the lowest DC resistance on the market – up to 30% lower than the nearest Coilcraft soft saturation product. This low resistance and higher RMS current allow XGL1010 inductors to operate at lower temperatures than other components.

XGL1010 series inductors are AEC-Q200 Level 1 qualified (ambient temperature range -40°C to +125°C). They accept a maximum component temperature of +165°C and do not undergo thermal aging, which makes them particularly suitable components for automotive applications and other demanding environments.

As with all Coilcraft components, free evaluation samples of the XGL1010 Series are available online at www.coilcraft.com.


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