Yango contributes to road safety in Cameroon: launch of a new technology

“(YANGO) – Your safety, our priority!” – says the Country Manager of Yango.

Yango, an international ride-sharing service, today launched a new safety technology in the service in Cameroon – driver behavior monitoring. Indeed, the algorithm gathers feedback from Yango users on real-time rides with a progressive scale of impact.

If users regularly report a particular driver’s unsafe driving style, it is considered a violation of service standards and the driver receives a warning notification in the app at first. If the situation does not change after several notifications, the algorithm restricts the driver’s access to the Yango carpooling service. This new technology makes it possible to warn drivers who operate with the service of dangerous maneuvers and possible accidents.

“Your safety, our priority! Road safety is one of our main priorities. We are constantly investing in our own security technologies to help keep cities safe. Today, we are happy to deploy this feature in Yaoundé and Douala. We are committed to bringing other security technologies to the market very soon” – Didier Theze, Country Manager at Yango.

The Yango app already has a number of functions that increase the level of safety for all journeys. For example, the application’s security tab allows users to share their route with their trusted contacts so that they follow the route, report any personal items left in a vehicle, contact customer service if the driver has violates traffic laws, etc. Additionally, with each order, users can see the license plate number and name of the partner driver who is coming to race.

About Yango

Yango is an international online ride ordering service. It is already present in more than 20 countries in Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Unlike other ridesharing services, the Yango app.


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